Friday, August 6, 2010

SuZeFashion Restructuring Sale Ends Today- Great Deals!


Vintage Leather Blazer/Jacket

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Vintage Wool Blend Blue Blazer

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Accessorize/One Outfit, So Many Looks!

Accessories to the rescue!
(If this post looks familiar, it's because I went to publish this yesterday and it marked it as June 10, 2010!!! My post got sucked into the Time Machine Vortex!!!)

Take one basic outfit and one beautiful accessory, add some creativity and you have many wonderful outfits to take you through the day or various events!

Scarlet Red Rose Dewdrop Scarf Sash

Today's post is the first of a series on how to accessorize.

No matter how creative you may or may not think you are,
a scarf can add so much to even the plainest dress, blouse or jacket.

Check back as I show you some different looks you can achieve with scarves.

Below is a basic white sleeveless blouse and skirt. This Scarlet Red Rose Scarf is worn around the shoulders, the neck and the waist. The vibrant red contrasts nicely with the crisp white fabric.

Wearing a scarf around the shoulders adds a bit of drama, suitable for an evening out or other special occasion.
At the neck, a scarf can accentuate a long neck and visually add length to the torso without being too fussy.
A scarf worn as a sash, is a nice feminine alternative to a belt. In these photos the sash is tied at the back to show off the dewdrop rose detail.

White Lace Ruffle Weskit Jacket Blouse

SuZeFashion Restructuring Sale has been extended to Friday August 6! SuZeFashion followers take 15% off all clothing (vests, vintage, skirts/ensembles). Type "RESTRUCTURE SALE" in message to seller. 15% will be refunded to you or I can reserve the item for you if you convo me. 15% OFF is in addition to sale prices!!!

Time Traveler No. 1 Upcycled Pinstripe Vest