Friday, October 30, 2009

More Autumn Photos Inspiration

My herb garden continues green amidst falling leaves. Herb Harvest Green Plaid Journal from SuZeFashion.
A small pond nearby grows lush water-loving foliage.

Found this lovely bag by CecilandCo that goes so well with today's blog!
Check them out at: and


  1. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! Love it. It seems like I vow every year to plant an herb garden and never do. :0 Maybe next spring! Thank you so much for putting my bird's nest earrings on your blog. That was sweet! I put your blog link on my Twitter and Facebook today.

  2. Thank you for including one of my handbags on your blog!

  3. Thanks, Julie! Glad you like the bag. You have beautiful jewelry! (The herb garden grows all year long, even with snow!)

  4. Cecil & Co., you are most welcome! You do nice work!