Friday, November 20, 2009

How to Have More Exposure for Black Friday Sales

For those Etsy sellers who are planning special sales for Black Friday, you might be want to have your sale posted on Delightfullyperceptive's blog. I've included the link to her blog if you are interested. You have until Wednesday to convo her the details. Check it out and happy sales to you!

One thing that I enjoy about the Etsy community is that not only are there so many gifted and creative people but so many helpful and friendly fellow sellers. Thanks to all of you who are so generous and supportive.

This week I have been working on Thanksgiving cards as a way to express gratitude to people who have been kind, thoughtful and a blessing to know.

Remember to be grateful for even the smallest acts of kindness. Take the time during this season to thank the people around you, even if you have thanked them before. Let them know that they are appreciated.

One kind word can change somebody's day, which can in turn change someone else's.


  1. Great post! We should always remember to thank someone who has shown us kindness, helped us when we needed it, encouraged and supported us. Thank you for this reminder!

  2. You're welcome Annette! I appreciate your comment, and for taking the time to read my blog. Thanks!