Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Blog Baking Chocolaty Chocolate

Today I am baking cocoa chocolate chip brownies with chocolate frosting. I firmly believe that if you are going to bake chocolate delights like cakes, brownies and cookies, that you have to make them really chocolaty (for some reason spell check doesn't like this word)! I'm taking most of them to a women's gathering tomorrow, which is a good thing since I enjoy chocolate.

Don't be misled by these photos! They are not all chocolate. I went through the food photos I have taken and couldn't find any cookies or brownies. I seem to have gobbled up the chocolate yummies before I could take any photos so these will have to do. They do look good don't they? By the way, what's your favorite chocolate dessert?

Then this afternoon I was reading some of the posts from blogs that I follow, I came across this post from Dacedesign about chocolate. Can you smell the chocolate! Read it and enjoy!

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Have a great day and bake something chocolate!


  1. Wow - we both had chocolate filled day today! And you are so right about the fact that choc chip cookies and alike look too good.. - I once baked a tray with choc chip muffins and I ate them all!!!! :)

  2. I bought a box of brownies to bake and some cream cheese frosting to top it off...but that was as far as I got. :)

  3. Dace, I'm sure those muffins were delicious!

  4. Luster, maybe tomorrow (actually mine started from a mix!)