Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peacock Christmas Holiday Decorating

Usually I start my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving but ... this year I couldn't quite get to it as I was busy with my shop, etc., so I'm still decorating. I'm almost done though, yeah!

Thought I'd share some photos. For the past 2 years I've wanted to coordinate my decorations with my home decor, focussing on teal, sapphire and avocado green with a bit of plum. So my house this year is decorated in peacock colors and it is so lovely!

Also, I decided against the big artificial tree which usually takes me a week to decorate by the time I pull it up out of the basement, along with the myriad boxes of lights, ornaments, extension cords, etc.

This year I've decorated this cool topiary that I acquired from a store closing a few years back (I was using the stand for craft shows!). It takes up less floor space and I was able to decorate it in a few days since it takes fewer ornaments and lights!

I've also incorporated my collection of blue and green glass bottles which I use as vases in the summer. For the holidays I've turned them into bottle trees! What do you think! Enjoy the photos!

Now I just need some peacock feathers!

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Have a great day wherever you are!


  1. Oh, the color combination is gorgeous! I love the topiary all decorated! You've done a beautiful job!

  2. I did a peacock theme this year also! I've been meaning to post photos of my tree...*adding to my "to do list"*...

  3. UberArt, I would love to see photos! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Love the colors you've chosen and the topiary looks fantastic. Way to go.

  5. Thanks, Dyche Designs! Even my husband has commented on the topiary!

  6. You have an eye for the best colors!

  7. Thanks, paintingpam! I am honored to receive such a complement!

  8. I love your colour combination SuZe - so fresh, cool and calming and think your bottle trees are a great idea!

  9. Thanks Valerie! It is very calming!