Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Looking for more creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle? Check out this Earth Day Carnival! You'll find SuZeFashion listed there too!

I am the “Queen of Repurposing” in my family. Here are a few things I have recycled/repurposed:

I use recycled packaging materials wherever I can. I reuse tissue paper, cereal boxes (when we buy cereal) and other large boxes and envelopes of all sizes. If these materials still have life in them it seems wasteful to put them in the trash.

Old computer manuals and pocket calendars with pages painted and fabric covers added to use for my art journals.

Small tins for business card holders.

An old ugly wooden picture frame (with wallpaper remnant inserted under glass) as a table tray, an old muffin tin for a drawer organizer and metal condiment caddies to hold office supplies.

I have also used an old glass canister to hold rulers, chipped mugs for pen and pencil holders, glass bottles as vases, and the list goes on!!!

Have a thoughtful Thursday wherever you are!

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