Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Earth Day Thoughts

Earth Day Thoughts (continued)

I tend to keep every scrap of fabric, yarn and ribbon. This has sparked my creativity to find ways to incorporate them into garments, scarves and other craft projects, such as art journaling.

Scraps and remnants are perfect for baby quilts and toss pillows. This past winter I started making crocheted ruffled scarves from ribbon and odds and ends of my yarn stash (of which a portion came from someone else’s yarn stash).

I actually started the business, which became my SuZeFashion Etsy shop because I had so much fabric. I tried to sell the fabric and people kept asking me why I didn’t use it. I said I no longer had time to sew for others and wanted to clear up the space. (I had previously had a sewing business making formal wear and accessories, then shifted to interior d├ęcor – fewer fittings and last minute surprises!)

Well, I started making journals, scarves and bags again, and the rest is history. I rarely buy new fabric or yarn because I still have a stash to work from. Oh, yes, and I make good use of every scrap of fabric, ribbon and lace as you can see in these journals.

Earth Day this year is Thursday April 22, that's tomorrow, just a day away. When thinking about what to say about Earth Day, I realized I had more to say than I have space for in one blog post. While I have more “green” practices I would like to adopt, all around me are “green” things I have done most of my life just because it makes sense.

Have a wonderful Wednesday wherever you are!

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