Monday, March 22, 2010

New Spring Line Spring Fashion Looks

Last Friday I changed my avatar and profile photos to one of my favorite scarves from the SuZeFashion Spring Line. It is so soft and ruffly, reminding me of spring lettuce! (Mind you, I'm not one to wear ruffles, but I really liking ruffled scarves! )
Lettuce Head Green Cowl Scarf

Then I went "shopping" to find clothing and accessories to coordinate with my lovely new spring scarf. I went through the other shops that submitted items for my Fabulous Friday Finds Features in February. This is what I found!

Dublin Green Glass Heart Earrings

from the Etsy shop of Handmade by Anne Potter

Retro Lego Brick Bracelet Lime

from the Etsy shop of Brick Bracelets

Strawberry Fields Wrap Pants

from the Etsy shop of Green Trunk Designs

Magpie Denim Clutch

from the Etsy shop of Khali Nouveau

Be sure to enter my WELCOME SPRING BLOG GIVEAWAY here! Deadline to enter is midnight this Thursday!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, wherever you are!

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Why Wear A Scarf?


  1. What an awesome scarf! I love ruffles!!!

  2. I love spring! What a great blog post! Thank you for including my strawberry Fields Wrap Pants! :)

  3. I love your Spring items - I love Greentrunk's pants!


  4. Gorgeous cowl scarf - it's wonderfully vibrant and the lettuce edge is so fresh! Thank you for featuring my Dublin Glass Earrings, too.

    Anne Potter

  5. Michelle, thanks! Ruffles are so much fun!

  6. You are welcome, Green Trunk Designs! You have such a lovely shop!

  7. MySaviour, thanks! Those pants by Green Trunk look so comfortable, don't they?

  8. Handmadebyannepotter, thanks! Glad to feature your lovely Dublin Glass Earrings!

  9. Ooooh la la, that scarf is delicious! So spring-y and fun. :)

  10. i don't have pierced ears but i love those dublin green earrings!

  11. Amanda, thanks! Having so much fun making these!

  12. Holly, thanks, aren't they great!