Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts Inspiration Board

One of my Inspiration Bulletin Boards,
this one hangs on the wall just over my sewing machine.

Happy Thursday wherever you are!


  1. awesome! I have one of those too, in almost the exact same place, over my sewing machine :)

  2. Thanks! Inspiring to look at the cards, paper samples, product labels and pictures I've clipped!

  3. You have many inspiration boards? thats great, somehow i only made one around my sewing machine and didnt think to make more. Id better make more too, thank you for showing your nice board!

  4. I have another in my paper crafting area. These grew out of collecting, stashing photos and clippings and then not remembering exactly where they were when I was working on projects and wanted to see them. This way they are visible and always inspiring!