Monday, March 15, 2010

Why wear a scarf? Part 2: Marvelous Monday Musings

Charcoal and White Snakeskin Print Scarf

Pale Lilac Butterfly Scarf

Black and Brown Wild Cat Animal Print Scarf

Last Monday I posted some photos of scarves from my shop and posed the question, “Why Wear A Scarf?’ I also posted the question on the Etsy forums just to find out different people’s thoughts on the topic.

Well! Did I receive some interesting thoughts and comments! Today I will share these with you (mostly unedited ☺!) along with my original list of 8. They range from practical to creative and humorous. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Why wear a scarf? I mean other than to keep your neck warm in the winter?

1. Add instant color to a plain (drab) outfit
2. Make a fashion statement
3. Add the season’s latest colors on the cheap
4. Try a color without committing to a complete wardrobe overhaul
5. Add a feminine touch to a suit
6. Add a touch of whimsy
7. Coordinate elements of your wardrobe
8. Antidote for color deprivation
9. Gives you something to swing around, which is always fun.
10. Wear one in your hair on a bad hair day!
11. I think scarves can add an element of sophistication.
12. They also add a little security so if you're wearing a fitted top and whatever bottoms (but don't want to wear a jacket) you don't feel too exposed.
13. I think scarves are great to transition seasons. I may still be wearing winterish clothes but I can add a springy colorful scarf.
14. It adds a pop of color and flair to my uniform of jeans!! Easy, and relatively inexpensive!
15. A scarf ties a whole outfit together.
16. Because goiters aren't the new black.
17. Because your mother told you to!
18. To cover marks on your neck!
19. Simply because they're cute!
20. Brings focus to good posture and/or a pretty face.

Pale Lilac Butterfly Scarf

21. Takes focus away from wide hips.
22. To keep parts of my kimono together? <3 scarves- they substitute an obi-age any time, and look so good while doing it!
23. A scarf can be a head covering in an unexpected rain.
24. A sash around the waist, if the waist is something to show off.
25. Folded or rolled for a headband to emphasize eyes and camouflage bad hair or bed head.
26. A scarf can be an emergency tourniquet for a bleeding wound.
27. Maybe a classy bundle for the end of a hobo stick.
28. Because scarves look fabulous!
(I always wear one, year round! I have cotton and silk ones for the summer.)
29. Disguise your super old and wrinkled neck?
30. Because anytime I go out it doesn’t matter what I wear. I usually have on jeans and a cool jacket. If I throw on a long neck scarf I am suddenly very dressed up.
31. It can also visually lengthen the line of your look.
32. It also makes my bust look bigger and my tummy look smaller.
33. I have found it keeps me from getting sick, my throat is a target and gets scritchy scratchy if I don’t wear one.
34. Also the scarves I have look pretty awesome with my coat, it'd be a shame if I didn't wear one
35. A scarf in one of your best colors allows you to wear a suit or blouse in a color, which is not one of your best, & still have a good color next to your face.
36. Cuz you're a hipster.
37. Actually, I love scarves. They make me feel fancy.
38. To hide the food I've dribbled on my shirt ☺
39. To cover your cleavage.
40. Because it’s a gentle neck hug. Everyone needs hugs.

Bright Tribal Print Stripe Fringed Scarf

Kelly Green Cotton Fringe Scarf

Fuchsia Madras Plaid Cotton Long Scarf

Thanks to all who contributed to this list!

Marvelous Monday wherever you are!


  1. wow i didnt realize there can be so many reasons :p i love to wear one at home too coz it prevents catching a cold also it is good feeling to get warm, i made two mufflers myself and two for my mother, id like to make more after i saw your posting!

  2. Jam Jam, thanks, you know you can never have too many!