Monday, March 8, 2010

Why wear a scarf? Monday Musings

Why wear a scarf? I mean other than to keep your neck warm in the winter?

Here are some thoughts:
1. Add instant color to a plain (drab) outfit
2. Make a fashion statement
3. Add the seasons latest colors on the cheap
4. Try a color without committing to a complete wardrobe overhaul
5. Add a feminine touch to a suit
6. Add a touch of whimsy
7. Coordinate elements of your wardrobe
8. Antidote for color deprivation

Can you think of any more? Comment and I will add them to the list for next Monday's blog!

Happy Monday, wherever you are!


  1. Gives you something to swing around, which is always fun.

    Love scarves!

  2. Love it, they do come in handy that way!
    Love scarves too! Have so many ... well, that's another topic!

  3. Wear one in your hair on a bad hair day! Great post, I may have to come up with my own list.

  4. Forgot about that one! Would it be bad to wear a scarf on your head and one around your neck on a bad hair day?

  5. Great scarves! I like the black and white checkered one! ;)

  6. Thanks, cabin+cub! This is one of my favorites, so soft!

  7. Fun!
    1) I think scarves can add an element of sophistication.

    2)They also add a little security so if you're wearing a fitted top and whatever bottoms you don't feel too exposed, but don't want to wear a jacket.

  8. Thanks, Jennifer! Great! I always feel a bit more put together with a scarf!

  9. Great post! There's nothing like a nice scarf. Thanks for your nice comment about my blog.

  10. I LOVE LOVE love scarves! Today I totally made one.. AND blogged about it.

    Topic of the day it seems :)

  11. Thanks, Handmade in Israel! Something about a scarf. You're welcome! You have a lovely blog!

  12. Thanks, The After Craft! I think scarves are great to transition seasons. I may still be wearing winterish clothes but I can add springy colorful scarf.

  13. It adds a pop of color and flair to my uniform of jeans!! Easy, and relatively inexpensive!

  14. Thanks, Blooming Lily! I think this is why I like scarves so much, especially the easy and inexpensive part!